Jennifer Holbrook Stone, Wedding/Event Planner

Jennifer Holbrook Stone is an Wedding/Event Planner.  Jennifer doesn't just plan any weddings, she plans the over the top type of weddings and events.  Here is what Jennifer says about her career path:  
I thoroughly enjoyed my four years of High School at VHS.   I played the clarinet in the marching and symphonic bands under Bill Gantt which was honestly one of the highlights of my time at VHS.  I was very active in ASB and served many positions in office during my Sophomore-Senior years.  I wasn’t ready to go away to college when I graduation, so I headed to the JC where I quickly realized that I wasn’t ready to go back to school just yet.  I ended up landing a receptionist position at a very high end winery shortly after graduation, where I spent four years working and ended up in a Sales & Marketing position.  I also met my husband there so that was a nice perk!   I decided to go back to school and spent a couple of years just taking a class or two a semester while working, then finally made the leap to quit my job and go back to Sonoma State full time to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in Business and Marketing.  I also had our first child shortly after starting at SSU, so those were some busy years!  A girlfriend of mine suggested I get a part time job at the very famous French Laundry restaurant just to get out of the house a little bit.  I started as a hostess a couple of nights a week, then upon college graduation, was offered the position as Director of Special Events, handing the private dining for The French Laundry and Bouchon restaurants.  That was an amazing experience that led to my meeting a high end wedding planner here in town.  I was pregnant with our second daughter at the time and knew I wouldn’t be going back to the restaurant once she was born.  She offered me a job working with her just on the occasional wedding weekends and I spent a year and a half working alongside her, learning about the business.   We realized a partnership just wasn’t working for either of us and went our separate ways.  That’s when I decided to go out on my own and I’ve been happily self employed for almost nine years now.  I have always been a natural party planner and hostess by nature, so looking back it’s fitting that I ended up where I am, but if you had told me back in High School what I would be doing now I would never have believed you!  But I wouldn’t change a thing.  
Jennifer lives in Napa with her husband Scott and daughters Bailey and Sophie.